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About Us
       Fuxin Dongsheng Refrigeration Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, with a total plant area of 9000 square meters. The company has 500 employees in total, where there are 50 engineering and technical personnel, 8 advanced title personnel, 2 doctoral researchers, and all of them have been engaged in research, development and production work of automobile air conditioner and household air conditioning radiator core manufacturing equipment and production lines for many years.
      Company product coverage:
      1. Heat radiator, heater, air conditioning system, oil cooler, intercooler and other automobile heat exchanger core manufacturing equipment
      2. Power plant heat exchanger, nuclear power heat exchanger and other industrial heat exchanger core manufacturing equipment
      3. Locomotive heat exchanger, motorcycle heat exchanger, farm machinery heat exchanger and other heat exchanger core manufacturing equipment
      4. Micro-channel, refrigerator, freezer, household and commercial air-conditioning heat exchanger core manufacturing equipment
      Main customers:
      Japan Denso ( global ) Investment Co., Ltd., Indonesian ADR Company, BYD, Henan Yuxin Automotive Air Conditioner, FAW-FAWER, Guangzhou Baomali Automotive Air Conditioner, Guangzhou Nuogao, Guangzhou Yuefeng, Shanghai Shuanghua, Shanghai Bangde, Jiangsu BingKaiFu, Zhejiang Jinhecheng, Zhejiang Chuangxin, Zhejiang Lantong, Zhejiang Xintong, Zhejiang Shuangkai, Dongfeng – Pyne, and international well-known enterprises in Euro, United States, and Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, etc.

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