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Product name: Fin molding tool (roller cutter)
Product type: CPDJ
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The fin molding tools manufactured by our company, adopt the whole structure integrating feeding, guiding in, fin molding, anti-blocking device, rarefaction wave device, intensive device, pull device, and trimming. Fully automatic fin molding machine can produce various specifications of aluminum fin, copper fin, stainless steel fin radiating strip products through changing the integral quick change type fin molding tools.
Fin molding blade materials include: hard alloy, cobalt high-speed tool steel, and tungsten and molybdenum high speed tool steel for users to choose. fin molding blades all adopt the forging materials with a special processing technology, blades made of forging materials has a service life longer than the blades made of sheet metal punching material by 100000000-50000000 peaks.

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