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Product name: Fin collector
Product type: CPSJ
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Equipment usage and features:
The equipment is the auxiliary connection equipment for fin molding machine and core body assembly machine, and it is connected at the outlet of fin molding machine. It is mainly used for keeping the rolled fins upright, and automatically collecting and storing the rolled fins into the special-purpose fin storage scoop, and integrally and directly arranges the fins at the fin layout position of the core assembly machine by the special-purpose fin scoop. While loading the fins onto the core assembly machine, it quickly completes the fins layout so that the core assembly speed is enhanced to assure consistency between the front and back of fins during assembly and improve the core body appearance quality.

Main technical parameters:
1. Fin specification: according to design of user product.
2. Qty. of fins collected by each scoop: 20 ~35 pieces
3. Qty. of scoops equipped for each collecting machine: 3 scoops for each set
4. Collecting speed: match discharge speed of fin molding machine
5. Collection mode: automatic, continuous, one piece each time
6. Air source pressure: 0.6Mpa
7. Power supply: AC220  50Hz
8. Total power of equipment: 1.5kw
9. Rated current: 4.0A
10. Equipment overall dimensions: 3500X2200X1000

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